One of the spiritual disciplines that we are talking about this weekend is celebration.  As     Christ-followers we have a lot of reasons to celebrate; but we often focus on the things that we don’t have or the things that we want to have – so we don’t take time to celebrate what we do have.   The old song says “Count Your Many Blessings.”  We should slow down and take that advice and celebrate those blessings – celebrate the people in our lives; celebrate our standing in Christ; and celebrate the every day pleasures of life.

Sex and End Times Sell

I was reading an excellent post this a.m. by Ed Stetzer entitled “5 Tips for Talking About Sex in the Church,” and I was laughing out loud when he said this: “As John Ortberg jokes, to draw a lot of people, you should teach on three subjects: sex, the end times, and will there be sex in the end times?”

I agree with the comment; but my question is:  What are we doing to while we wait for Jesus to return – not only in our sex lives but with the rest of our lives as well? That’s what we want to continue to discuss in this message series, The Life You’ve Always Wanted.


Starting this blog seemed like a great idea. It worked well for a few days; but things got busy, and I got distracted. I haven’t made an entry in over a month!! Obviously, this is going to take a bit of discipline. Somehow, if I want to blog, I need to develop some new habits. It may take a few tries and a few different ideas; but I need to keep seeing what works best.
We’ve begun a new series called “The Life You’ve Always Wanted” based on a book by John Ortberg. It’s about spiritual disciplines – spiritual training – so that we can continue to grow and become the people that God has purposed us to become.
Hopefully, some of what we learn can be applied to this blog!