Be Mine

We just celebrated Valentines Day.  A lot of people received Valentine cards that said, “Be mine!”   The person receiving the card had the opportunity to respond to that invitation.  It’s sometimes risky to give a Valentine card and expect a response.  Sometimes, the feeling isn’t mutual, or the Valentine is ignored because there are other offers out there. However, the card can lead to or enhance a loving relationship.

God has said, “Be Mine!” in a variety of ways – especially by sending Jesus.  We, too, have an opportunity to respond.  Unfortunately, some are not interested.  Others are too busy or preoccupied with other loves or interests.  However, when we respond to God’s invitation, a tremendous – forever relationship can develop – bringing blessing to us and those around us and glory to our heavenly Father who said the original “Be Mine!”


Neighbor Loving

This week we’re celebrating with Bob Smith who recently received a kidney transplant and was able to discontinue the dialysis that he was on for over three years.  How was that possible? He has great neighbors!  Four of his neighbors volunteered to donate a kidney to him!  They went down to Indianapolis and were tested to see if they were a match and were healthy enough to donate.  One of them was the best choice – Deb McMurtrie. She gave Bob one of her kidneys, and it started working right from the start. No more dialysis!

Talk about putting actions to your words!  We’re going to honor these neighbors as we challenge ourselves to get better at neighbor loving.