Living Your Conversion

I was looking through the mail over lunch this week when I came across the Care-Note catalog. As I thumbed through it, one Care-Note titles caught my eye, “Living Your Conversion.”  I began to wonder … How many of us live our conversion?  In the evangelical church we place a lot of emphasis on conversion … “being born again” … “getting saved” … “accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior” … “making a decision for Christ” … “following Jesus.”   After that pivotal act of grace happens, how do we live our conversion?

Is it living by a bunch of rules and rituals?  Does it mean that we “go to church” once a week, clean up our language, contribute some money, and wait for Jesus to come take us home?  I believe that most of us would want more … we would want to really live life to the fullest, and we have been seeing through the series The Life You’ve Always Wanted, that Jesus desires that we live life abundantly.  However, we’ve found out to live that life requires some training and some application of spiritual exercises that help us grow and mature to be able to live that life.  It requires that we partner with the Holy Spirit who wants to transform us into the likeness of Jesus … or living your life as Jesus would live it.  (You or I didn’t come to save the world like Jesus.  We each have our own purpose … our own reason for being here, and I believe that there’s a way Jesus would live our life.)

But is just doing some holy habits, spiritual disciplines, or “cross training” even with the help of the Holy Spirit living our conversion?  Perhaps we need to explore the possibilities and ask the question “What would it look like if … I really became more like Jesus?”  Now, we’re talking about living our conversion. It would mean that are truly changing … not just our beliefs … but our total being.  Think of the possibilities … for ourselves … for others… and for the Kingdom!


Update on Support for David & Jenny Loi’s Trip to China

David and Jenny Loi should have returned from their trip to China.  It cost them approximately $ 2,500.00 for this trip.  I have asked for 100 individuals, groups or congregations to put up $ 25.00 fund this trip.  To date, I know that between 45-50 “shares” of this trip have been covered.  I would like to believe that there are more “shares” still out there.  Please help in this Kingdom venture if you can.  Thanks!