Caring for the bunnies of this world

I was in my office preparing my Sunday message last Saturday morning.  The weather was rainy and in the 40’s.  All of a sudden I heard a commotion outside my window – like a cry of a small animal that was injured.  I went to the door and stepped outside to check out the situation.  I saw a large, black crow attacking a small bunny.

As I looked around I saw several other participants in the drama. There were a couple of red winged black birds harassing the crow because the crows often attempted to bother their nests in the wetland around the pond.  I also saw three other small bunnies running for cover.   Evidently, either the bunnies had decided that they were too big for their nest and it was time to venture out in life, or the crow had discovered their hiding place.  As I scared the crow off, it appeared that his victim was dead.  It was rainy, and cold.  I figured that the bunnies would find a safe place.  Perhaps momma rabbit would appear to guide them to safety.  I figured that the crow might come back, but would be satisfied with his prey and move on. I went in and looked on the internet for someone who might be interested in protecting wild bunnies.  I didn’t find anyone.

A little later, I heard more commotion.  The crow was back.  This time pursuing another of the bunnies.  It appeared that he had brought a couple of friends.  My efforts scared them off for a while; but they were persistent.  The nest that they had been in was in the middle of the yard.  It wouldn’t do any good to try to put them back there.  Where was their mother?

More time passed, and some youth came over to play basketball in the gym.  I asked one guy if he was interested in rescuing a wild bunny.  I went to the door and showed him where the bunny was hiding.  He went back, got his friends, gloved up, and came to rescue the last surviving bunny.  While they were coming,  I went back to the door just in time to see the crow and his friends carrying off the last bunny, and a momma rabbit forlornly watching the scene.  I thought, “If only I would have moved them to safety – perhaps under a bush where the crows couldn’t get them.”

Sure, this was part of the cycle of life, and there was a great likelihood that the riding lawn mower might have claimed these bunnies lives because their “dumb bunny” momma had made a nest out in the open in the middle of the lawn; but the Holy Spirit gave me a message.  He reminded me that Satan, the Adversary, is on the prowl like a lion (or a crow) seeking who he can devour, and there are a lot of spiritually clueless children, youth, and adults out there being attacked and trying to hide from his attacks.   Some of us have found safety in Jesus, and we have a choice when we see this happening.  We can ignore the situation, and say, “Well, that’s just what happens to dumb bunnies.  They should know better.  Their parents should now better!”  We can try to call the expert or someone else to deal with the messy situation.  Or we can chose to act to introduce them to the safety that God provides through a relationship with Jesus.   I stand convicted!