What Enthusiastic Worship!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’re in the middle of Luvability Ministries Summer Retreat.  This is a four day event that has some fantastic worship.  While we usually worship to per-recorded music, seldom have I worshiped the LORD with more enthusiastic worshipers. Today there were between 50-60 attendees plus 25+ dedicated staff, volunteers and caregivers. Dr. Larry Hanson from Cross Bars Ministries shared the morning devotion about Jonah and troubled waters.

This afternoon we had a great worship session with keyboard and guitar following five baptisms! One of the people we had the privilege of baptizing was a lady who taught me how to worship God more in Spirit.  She’s loved Jesus as long as I’ve known her, and today she shed tears of joy as we baptized her and prayed for her.  Yeah! God!