Barefoot Church Primer – Day 1.1

Day 1.1

I hope that everyone has had the opportunity to read the Introduction and Day 1.1 of Barefoot Church Primer.  Hopefully, we can use this blog to post ideas, questions, and resources for this 2014 Lenten Journey for First Brethren Church of South Bend.

I want to encourage you to take this journey one day at a time to get the most of this process.  The goal is not to end by Easter, but to enjoy the journey and allow the Holy Spirit to transform you along the way.  So if your group doesn’t get started this week, that’s fine.  If your group needs to invite others to join you – there are still Primers at the church.  This may be a very good way for you to involve someone who is more interested in serving the less fortunate in the world that knowing more about Jesus.

It’s o.k. if you need to reform or reorganize groups so that you will have more than 5 people; however 5 people can make a tremendous difference in the community and even the world.

This type of blogging is new for me, and I am already behind; but I am endeavoring to catch up.  I would appreciate it if you as leaders and hosts would follow this blog at least for the next 8 weeks, I would also invited to comment and share.

Many good ideas and much discussion are also contained on Brandon Hatmaker’s blog …


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