Change Day – Day 1.3

We often see the need for change in the lives of others. We say things like,  “If they would only change, their life would be ….”  Yet the only person that we can change is ourselves – and I doubt that we can do that well without God’s help.

Change often requires that we put ourselves into situations where we feel tension and lack of control.  Do we trust God enough to accompany Him into those situations?  Am I willing to follow Jesus into messy situations?  I want Him to clean up my messes; but am I willing to become a part of His Body that helps clean-up and restore the lives of others?

Jesus does love me weather I change or not; but I’m convinced that the change is for my betterment – not His.

Brandon Hatmaker shares a story of how Jesus is changing him in his blog …

Perhaps you have a story that you want to share with the rest of us   …


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