Think on these things – Day 1.2

The Primer challenges us today to consider passages from James letter to believers and from Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians 13:1-13 – the love chapter.  It defines love, and then challenges us to be “doers” or the word and not just those who listen and nod in agreement.  Love (agape) is more than a feeling.  It is a self-giving action. Sometimes we don’t feel very self-giving.

As I reflected on the questions, I found myself focusing on the word – always – in 1 Corinthians 13.  As I love people, I can sometimes protect – sometimes trust – sometimes hope; but I find it difficult to always do those things – especially with someone “who I feel deserves what they had coming,” “who has broken my trust,” or “who has given up hope in their situation.”  Looks like God’s working to move me from sometimes to a lot closer to always.  That’s what this journey is about – transformation – personal and congregational.

Today is about examining our lives in light of God’s word.  It’s about positioning ourselves to be more than just “listeners” of God’s Word who nod our heads in assent when the Bible talks about being loving.  It’s realizing that we can’t transform ourselves and  about allowing the Holy Spirit to walk with us and in us during this journey to accomplish what we are unable to do on our own.

Here’s Brandon Hatmaker’s post for Day1.2 …


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