Getting Together – Day 1.5

Getting together for you group meeting is very important if you want to maximize your Barefoot Church Primer learning, because many of us learn best from one another.  This is a time to experience relationship and to care for one another, and it is also a time to link together as the Body of Christ to join Jesus in His mission in our community and the world.

There may be some house-keeping details that you want to take care of at this first meeting …

  • Food – a meal, refreshments, desert, etc. at each meeting or occasionally?
  • Childcare and/or child involvement – what is needed? Who will facilitate it?
  • Exchange contact information – be sure everyone in the group have each others’ phone # and email address
  • Schedule – are there week’s that we can’t meet on our regular meeting day, because of Spring Break, appointments, etc.?

Remember that your time together is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.  Have some fun. (Feel free to post ways you had fun to share with other groups.)

Be sure to talk about creating margin in your lives, and the tension that might create. Also, talk about Next Steps.  What are some situations that your group already sees needs? (Feel free to post these ideas to share with other groups.)

Brandon Hatmaker’s thoughts on Day 1.5 are in the following link …


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