Willingness to Try – Day 2.4

Today’s action is to begin seeing what God sees in our community – the different types of needs that exist.  Some of them may require financial resources; but many do not.

Start listing the needs you personally know about – then start looking around our community.  If you have a computer, google it.  If you don’t, then dig our the phone book.  If you are interested in groups that address a certain need, pick up the phone and dial 211.  You’ll get a United Way volunteer that can direct you to groups and/or agencies in our community that are already working to meet a particular need.

It might be good to share some of those groups on this blog.  It’s probably not best to share individual names on the blog; but you can certainly share these names with your group, pray about the situation, and seek a way that you can address the need.

Here’s some thoughts from Brandon Hatmaker on Day 2.4 …



One thought on “Willingness to Try – Day 2.4

  1. What are some of the ministries, non-profits, or other groups that you found and listed in your group? Our groups came up with several. After some sharing and discussion, we decided to look further into the following five: Hope Ministries, Cross Bars Ministries, Ronald McDonald House, Portage Manor, and Our Lady of the Road.

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