Community Day 2.5

Today your group will be making plans so that you can make some hygiene kits for homeless or other people in need. You can use the list in the Primer, and individually distribute the kits as suggested.  You can take them to Hope Ministries or the Homeless Center.

You might want to piggy back on the Outreach Ministry’s Project of helping the women at St. Margaret’s House.  Here is a list of Items needed from the bulletin: sanitary napkins, lotion, body wash or bar soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, antiperspirant, and large size women’s clothing.  You might want to adapt your list to include some of these these items and give the kits to St. Margaret’s House.

If you have children and youth in your group, be sure to include them. Brandon Hatmaker gives some additional suggestions in his blog …


One thought on “Community Day 2.5

  1. If you are making hygiene kits, here are a few ideas that our group had … we substituted a washcloth for the pair of socks. Bev asked our dentist if we could get 30 tubes of toothpaste and tooth brushes which they donated. Caroline called some hotels about soap, shampoo, etc., and received some donations. We’ve shopped the closeout aisles. We’re planning to do 5 bags for each participant in our groups which means 30 bags. We’re trying to provide a nice bag; but keep the cost reasonable. We left out the bottle of water because we didn’t think it would fit into a quart bag.

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