Exploring “Justice” – Day 4.1

Last week our emphasis was on mercy.  This week we are going to explore the concept of justice.

Mercy fills an immediate need for help in someones life.  Justice moves beyond that to restore or make things right. Both are needed if we are going to become the people God is calling us to become.

Mercy addresses immediate needs to survive; while justice seeks to restore a situation so that some can experience blessing and possibly abundance.  I would certainly say that this applies to both physical and spiritual needs.

It is like giving people grain – mercy is the grain that is given to grind into flour to make bread to eat today and tomorrow.  Justice is like the grain given to plant, cultivate, and harvest to provide for future days.  Without the grain for flour today, the grain for seed would be meaningless.  Without the grain for seed, one would always be in the need for mercy and a daily handout.  It applies both physically and spiritually.

I think that doing justice requires more time, perseverance, and spiritual energy.  It’s harder than showing mercy; but the lasting rewards are greater. God calls us to both to become whole.

Here are Brandon Hatmaker’s thoughts …





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