Deciding to Change – Day 5.3

Change always starts with a decision which leads to action.”  – Barefoot Church Primer, p. 106

I’ve made a lot of decisions in my life; but not all of them led to action or the right action.  Change is difficult for most people unless they see a need to change which could be caused by reward, pain, internal motivation, etc. Hopefully, the Holy Spirit is helping us not only see the need for change; but giving us the power to change.

Please pay careful attention on page 107 to the three areas that are suggested for change: Margin, Presence, and Priorities. What you allow God to reveal to you today, could be life changing.  Prayerfully, work through the questions on pages 108-109 and carefully respond to the last question: “How are you being stretched?”

Here’s Brandon’s blog for Day 5.3 …


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