Kingdom People – Day 5.6

Do we see people and situations around us with a Kingdom point of view?

On page 114, I think that a sentence in the Primer has the wrong punctuation I think that there is a period in the wrong place. I think that it should read: “The Kingdom breaks through any time God’s way rules over our way. The Kingdom is exposed when chose the way of Jesus.”    How difficult is us to choose the way of Jesus?  The better we know Him, the easier it is to choose His way.

The last questions on page 117 asks us to evaluate our reasons for not seeing need. One has to do with not looking for need and the other has to do with ignoring what we see.  As Kingdom people we are told to seek; so is not seeking any better than ignoring?  It’s easy to say we are ignorant; but that probably means that we are not seeking the Kingdom of God first!  Just sayin’.  (Matt. 6:33)

For some odd reason Brandon doesn’t have a post for Day 5.6



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