Try it! You’ll like it! – Day 6.1

I remember the phrase, “Try it! You’ll like it!” from a cereal commercial featuring a a picky eater named Mikey.  I think that it has been used in other commercials as well.  The point is that people miss out on many good things in life because they never even try it.  Or they try something once and decide that it is never for them again.

For the past week, you have been asked to EXPOSE the needs in your community – to seek out areas of need and consider where God is working and/or where He wants you to join Him. Hopefully, you’ve found some of those needs.  Now it’s time to experience first hand what serving to meet those needs looks and feels like. We need to begin to act on the needs we’ve seen.  This is like a tasting experience – you really won’t know what it’s like until you get involved.

I can relate this to when Bev and I began working in Luvability with persons with developmental disabilities.  One of our first experiences was at a Retreat for Persons with Disabilities at the Green Lake (WI) Conference Center (2001).  The facilities were awesome; but we were living with and caring for persons with disabilities for a whole week.  Ironically, I (who talks all the time) was given the responsibility for the care of Jim who was non-verbal!  It was a learning experience for the both of us. I learned to hear with more than my ears, and Jim learned that God and I love him!  I watched him grow in that faith in later years at subsequent retreats as he and I were assigned other buddies for the week.

In the first class I taught that summer, I poised the ice breaker: “Tell us something about your family.”  One of the men from South Bend broke my heart when he said: “I don’t have any family. They gave me up at birth.” He was pretty angry at his life situation. Fast forward to this morning.  I was at a care plan meeting for him today. He is doing tremendously well. He lives by himself with support, works part time 2 days per week, volunteers in the community, has lost 103 pounds, and is in Sunday School and Worship Services every week. He spends several holidays each year with our family. Shortly after I met him, one of the other staff introduced him to Jesus, brought him to church, and I baptized him. In the years since, he reunited with his mother and several of his siblings shortly before her death. What a story of RESTORATION!

I would never have experienced either of those situations if I had not been willing to experience something different … something that was out of my comfort zone.  So this week, we are going to be challenged to experience … I have noted that it may get a little messy; but remember that God is in the restoration business … not only of other people .. but also of us!

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