Experience Needed – Day 6.2

Life is meant to be lived.  Many times people form a set of scenarios and/or expectations in their head, and never really live them out – like people without children suggesting how others might better parent!  However, there are usually “aha moments” when these same people have their own children … or they have their second or third child.  Not all children are “text book” children or the same.

So it is with other areas of life – especially when we encounter someone with a need – physical, emotional, or spiritual.  We can tend to think or even say things like: “If they just had a better work ethic.” “They need to get over it and on with their life.”  “They just need Jesus.”

While these statements may contain some truth, they are probably more theoretical than experiential. We have not gotten into the messiness of the situation with them.  It is in sharing the experience together that we both learn.  Hopefully, we then get beyond just showing mercy to helping restore situations.

We’re following Jesus who came and experienced what it was to be human, and gave His human life for our sins.  He came into our messiness to save us.  I like this quote …

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Brandon Hatmaker didn’t have a blog post for Day 6.2




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