Serving Others to Meet Our Needs – Day 6.3

Today we are being asked to dramatically shift our thinking.  That doesn’t come easy for most of us because we already have an established way of mentally processing things. Many of us in the church tend to see helping others as projects.  We know God wants us to help others; so we take on projects  … annually, semi-annually, monthly, etc. Many times these projects are more about fulfilling our need to serve or our need to feel good about ourselves than they are about the people we are serving.

I’ve encountered this in various forms of ministry … working with children, youth, or persons with developmental disabilities. If we are not careful, this kind of serving can be more about us and meeting our needs.  We have our expectations of how we are going to minister … and those people (whoever those people are) had better get with our program .. our project .. our way of re-forming them.

The shift is not to see people as our projects to meet our needs and our expectations; but to serve them so that they might encounter the love of Jesus flowing through us to them.  We move from project focus to way of life focus.  That’s not just a shift; that’s transformation!  It’s not possible without the Holy Spirit’s help.

Brandon Hatmaker has a lot to blog about Day 6.3 …



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