Asking Tough Questions – Day 7.1

If you’ve come this far in the Barefoot Church Primer journey, you’ve exposed some of the need in our community, and you’ve experienced some of that need first hand.  Now what?

Hatmaker urges us to deal with the tough questions that we face at this point:  Will we go back to our normal lives and remain unchanged? Will this have been a nice Lenten journey, or will we allow the Holy Spirit to continue to reshape us in the image of Jesus?

How will serving people in need (physical, emotional, spiritual) increase the Kingdom of God? How does serving people in need storm the gates of Hell? If it is a tool or a way to advance the Kingdom, then how do we engage the needs around us on a regular basis?

This week we are going to individually and corporately deal with some of those questions.  Please prayerfully, ask the Holy Spirit to guide as we seek those answers.

Brandon has no post for Day 7.1


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