Shifting Paradigms – Day 7.3

Are pastors supposed to equip disciples or serve the members of the congregation?   My answer typically would be: “Yes.”  Generally, I like to serve others; but I, also like to see them equipped.  However, this attitude could contribute to a congregation of consumers that feel that they have hired someone to minister to them and for them.  I’m not saying that is what generally happens at FBC; but I know there are times I could have been a better equipper.

In order to accomplish the Great Commission and help as many people into the Kingdom as possible, we need to mobilize all believers in showing the love of Jesus to those in our circle of influence.  Everyone needs to realize that they have connections with people that no one else has, and God wants to share His love to them through us.

I look forward to individuals and groups taking the initiative to make serving others a way of life.  I will endeavor to find better ways to equip members of the body for what God has called you to do.  However, for my own growth, I will continue to serve others as God provides opportunities.

Brandon has some good things to say in his blog for Day 7.3 …


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