Talk It Over – Day 7.5

This is the day for your community or small group meeting, and it is time to talk over how your service project went.  Evaluate how things went by using the questions on page 160.

Then move on to completing the list of opportunities to engage need at the next level. Take into consideration the gifting, abilities, and experience of your group; and remember that even a tiny step forward is better than no step at all.

You may find that your way of helping is helping someone else do what God called them to do by providing from the resources that God has given to you.  I’m not necessarily talking about finances; but it could be things like letter writing, contacting volunteers, praying for some specific need, contacting someone you know who could provide that need, etc. Physical presence is important; but there are ways that God can work through you and your influence that do not require physical presence.

In your group time, be sure to look about the questions on page 161. Discuss about the transition from being served into the Kingdom (being a consumer of service) to learning to serve others for Jesus’ sake.

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