Worship today

Well, it’s the first Sunday that I sat in a congregation without some “upfront” duty.  (We were traveling last week.) In fact, I sat in two congregations … one was at the RV Park where we are staying, and one was at the church my brother-in-law attends and actively participates.

One group consisted mainly of refugees from the cold weather (many from Canada), but wanted celebrate the fellowship we have together in Jesus. It appeared to be a mixture of people from differing denominations and lay led. Our neighbor from Canada led the singing, provided the devotional thoughts, and with his wife and the pianist provided special music.  You could tell that he loved Jesus.  (They were some of the first people we met in the park and invited us to come to the service.) Someone else shared the Communion preparation which came from a congregation in Alaska, and we shared the elements together. I was moved by the authentic worship and fellowship.  Others were moved to ask Bev to sing a special some Sunday.  (They even complimented me on my singing.)  We were about 50-60 in attendance.

The other service was with people in a local congregation. We have attended this congregation when visiting here in the past.  It was good to see new faces as well as ones that we have known for several years.  It was good to see them continuing to walk with the Lord.  The Pastor had a good Biblical message and challenge to the congregation which will be 50 years old this year.

We look forward to sharing with these congregations as well as others in the next few weeks.


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