Remember Don Francisco?

I grew up with folk music, and one of my favorite Christian song writers and singers was Don Francisco. He wrote ballads which told Bible stories with some terrific songs: He’s Alive, Gotta Tell Somebody, Jehoshaphat, and Too Small a Price.

He also wrote some great songs about following Jesus and the blessings and benefits that we have because we choose to follow Jesus.  One of those songs is I have Chosen You. It reminds us that we not only chose Jesus. He chose us!  We shouldn’t forget whose we are and the purpose that he has for our lives.   Here’s a   10 minute Youtube video where he talks about that idea and signs the song.  As you hear the words, consider if you are becoming all God created you to be.  Remember that He has not only chosen you, but He has given you the Holy Spirit to help you become that person.


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