Questions Jesus Asked # 80

Luke 6:9 – (see also Question #16 – Matthew 12:11-12, Mark 3:4, Luke 14:3) – Then Jesus said to them, “I ask you, which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to destroy it?” NIV

The account of Jesus healing the man with the “withered hand”  in a synagogue on the Sabbath is in other Gospels.  It was dealt with in Question #16 (Matthew 12:11-12); however Matthew has some men who wanted to catch Jesus breaking the Sabbath asking Jesus the question.  In Mark 3:4 and Luke 6:9, the writers have Jesus (knowing what they were thinking) bringing the man up in front of the synagogue and asking those present the question.

The result was the same. Jesus healed the man in front of the synagogue on the Sabbath. Those that were looking to find fault with Jesus, found it; and they were furious and began plotting what they might do to Jesus.  It is interesting how they overlooked an obvious miracle and sign of the Messiah in order to support some of their man-made Sabbath laws. Doing good on the Sabbath was evidently the right thing to do in Jesus’ eyes.

Some questions to consider: In what ways does my church attendance (or lack of it) focus on catching someone doing something wrong rather than doing good and worshiping God?  Have there been things that have angered me during worship?  Were those things focusing on something that God directed or something that came from human tradition / practice, or both?    Why do you think that we are sometimes upset when “God shows up and does something unexpected” in worship?


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