Cause & Effect – Day 4.3

What holds us back from doing justice?

Hatmaker says: “We probably all struggle in varying degrees with individualism, consumerism, and materialism. All are barriers to the Kingdom. Thus all are barriers to justice. We naturally prioritize our agendas by things that benefit us. Too often our we live our lives on the bring and with nothing to spare that can be shared with others.” (p. 83)

Ouch! I never quite put it together that way before.  If I use all the resources (physical, emotional, spiritual, temporal) on myself or on my agenda, then I have nothing left to give to God’s agenda and others. How can I create margins so that I can be prepared and able to join God on His mission when the opportunity presents itself?  Better yet, how can I not only create the margins but seek to intentionally not just opportunistically be on mission with Him?

Check out Brandon’s blog for today.  He has some great ideas on how to use today to prepare for tomorrow …