Advent – Week Four – Peace

Many Go to Bethlehem, But —

peace      Do you not suppose that on that holy night long ago, there may have been other shepherds keeping sheep on hillsides who saw no star, heard no voices, took no journey, found no Babe?  One can imagine them:

  •      here are some discussing the price of wool;
  •      here are others so busy amusing themselves with a game that they have no time to look up.

These did not see.  The focus of their eyes, thoughts, and whole selves was downward, not up and out into the vast reaches of God’s eternal skies.  One must busy himself or herself with the nearby, the immediate, the everyday problems at times; but to every life there should come times for looking up, letting thoughts reach hopefully toward One greater than he, letting his or her mind stretch forth in wonder.  Continue reading