Merry Christmas! He’s a much bigger gift that you could ever imagine!

tempe-n-bearHave you ever gotten a gift for Christmas for which you hoped but never imagined that you would really get it? Surprise! You got it, and it was so much bigger and better than you could have ever imagined.

The other night my friend, Bill, told me that his granddaughter had won a 94 inch FAO Schwartz teddy bear at a local department store.  He showed me this picture of his granddaughter with the bear.  Look at the size of the gift and the size of the child!  Now, I’m not sure of what she was thinking when her parents told her that she had be given a giant teddy bear; but this bear was a whole lot larger than any teddy bear that she had ever seen.  What does a little girl do with a giant teddy bear?  My answer: she loves it as she begins to realize just how big it really is. Continue reading


Christmas Eve or Christmas Day …

jesusChristmas has finally arrived.  If you have been lighting an Advent Wreath in your home, it’s been four weeks since you lit that first candle signifying the hopes of the prophets.  On the second week you lit an additional candle that represented the love that the angels announced to world.  On the third week of Advent you added the third candle (the pink one) that represented the joy experienced by the shepherds and the subsequent believers who have chosen to follow Jesus.  Last week you lit a fourth candle that represented  the peace that was experienced in Bethlehem of that first Christmas Day as God became flesh and began His earthly journey of living among us in a bodily form named Jesus.

Tonight on Christmas Eve or tomorrow on Christmas Day is the time to light a fifth candle … a white candle that is placed in the center of the Advent wreath.  This is the Christ candle … the candle that represents Jesus the fulfillment of the hopes of the prophets, the love announced by the angels, the joy of the shepherds, and the peace (well-being) experience in Bethlehem that day. We can rejoice at His coming; but we can also rejoice in the fact that those who chose to believe in and follow Jesus the Messiah will also experience the benefit of being adopted into the God’s Forever Family … the Kingdom of God. Continue reading