Advent – Week One – “Hope”

I need to consider the season of Advent in my life to slow me down and help me appreciate all that was involved in the first coming of Jesus and how we are to anticipate His second coming.  It reminds me that God is faithful, and He fulfills prophecies and plans in His time.

   Advenhopet: week #1The Prophet’s Candle – “Hope”

This is a busy time of year for all of us.  Christmas is in our thoughts, and we find ourselves involved in a rush of activities.  Actually, however, we have not yet come to the season in the Christian Year that is known as Christmas.  We are now observing the season of Advent.

Advent begins the fourth Sunday before the night celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ into this world.  In the early Christian church, Advent was a time of repentance, fasting, and church attendance.  People were trying to prepare themselves for Christmas – for receiving God’s gift of love – the promised Messiah.

Through the centuries customs of Advent have changed. However, Advent is still the season of preparation, the time when we open our hearts and minds to prepare ourselves for new experiences of the Spirit, and new understandings of what Christ’s coming means to our lives. Continue reading